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Age of the universe and kefira

Age of the universe and kefira

I am wondering what the status is of believing that the worlds is billions of years old. I have heard this from many people, but have also heard from others that it is heresy. Is the issue just hashkafic, or also halachik?If it is heresy, what is the status of a person who holds these views?
Would it be permissible to say that perhaps the universe is billions of years old for kiruv (easier for a non-religious person to accept that Torah is emes if it can be reconciled with modern science)?

Thank you


A person is certainly obligated to believe the Torah’s account of creation, that Hashem created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh. However there are many varied approaches how to jive this with the opinion of modern science that views the world as much older, in a way that there is no contradiction between Torah and science. A person may believe and teach these approaches, and certainly use as a kiruv tool for people from a secular background for whom it is difficult to swallow the simple reading of the Torah.

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  • Concerned Jew

    Respectfully disagree.

    If anyone has any doubts about the account on creation as presented in the Torah, please read the book “Torah, Chazal and Science” by Rabbi Moshe Meiselman, a leading expert in both worlds, Torah and science. Rabbi Meiselman is a Doctor of Science from MIT.

    • Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz

      I don’t see why we disagree, Rabbi Meiselman’s approach is certainly one of the many valid ways to understand the Creation narrative, among the many others [Rav Schwabb, Dr. Gerald Schroder and many others] that I was referring to.


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