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Following Ones Main Rabbi

Following Ones Main Rabbi

Lets say ones main Posek holds that one must wear the murex techeiles on his tzitzis.
Would one be obligated to follow his main posek in that area, when the persons other Rebbeim don’t wear it, and one read many of the teshuvos on both sides and thinks for sure that there is not reason to wear (the one is just a yeshiva bochur and not a talmid chacham).
Could it lead to any contradiction in ones avodas Hashem and hanhagos?
Yaasher koach


This is a delicate question, as one certainly wants to be consistent and follow his Rav’s psak. As a yeshiva bachur you would not want to argue on your Rav who is a posek and Talmid Chacham. However you mention that you yourself have other Rabbeim as well who do not encourage wearing Murex. Even your main Rav realises that wearing Murex is a minority opinion and was not accepted by the leading poskim of this or previous generations, and for that reason the vast majority of Torah Jews do not wear it. Hence, in this specific issue you would seem to be on safe ground to follow your feeling not to wear Murex on your tzitzis and not be worried for contradictions in your Avodas Hashem. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to speak it over with one of your other Rabbeim who knows both you and your main Rav personally.

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