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Dishwasher for Meat and Dairy

Dishwasher for Meat and Dairy

I was wondering what the issue of using a dishwasher for both meat and dairy would be considering it is NAT BAR NAT BAR NAT. and it is additionally l’pgam due to the detergent. I have seen it quoted in Or Yitzchak by Rav Abbadi from Lakewood. And wondering if it is what to rely on.
Secondly, and more peripheral, where did the misconception come from that a Sephardi follows Sephardi Rabanim, and Ashkenazi follow Ashkenazi? Me being a Sephardi I feel obligated to follow Rav Yosef. But is it the right way of thinking? Thank you.

There are hundreds of different models of dishwashers, each one needs to be checked to determine it’s status for using for milk and meat. I presume you are referring to using the same dishwasher for meat and milk one after the other and not at the same time.

Some of the potential problems include, dishwashers with a hot rinse cycle that does not use detergent and so does not make the taam pagum. Some dishwashers have drainage and/gaskets that accumulate actual pieces of food which are not immediately nifgam, and are not Nat bar Nat because the actual food is there.

Some wait 24 hours, or run a pareve cycle and then use from meat to milk, but many are stringent not to use at all for meat and milk, and this is certainly a commendable and advisable practice.

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