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Zika Virus Advice

Zika Virus Advice


I would like to know the psak for my patients regarding the WHO advice for a period of abstinence of 6 months between couples if one of them has returned from a place with active zika virus. Please see the link below for the WHO advice sheet and the studies they have based their advice on. Would it be possible to have the psak in loshon kodesh.


Kol tuv


The advice of the health organizations should be taken seriously as there is concern for major birth defects with this virus. One who returned from a place with Zika could probably be tested for the virus and if  clean would not have to wait the 6 months you mentioned.

יש לחשוש לההמלצות של ארגוני רפואה מקצועיים שמדובר בוירוס שיש בו סכנה לפגיעה חמורה בעובר ולכן יש להימנע כפי הוראתם אלא אם יש אפשרות בדיקה להוכיח שבני הזוג אינם סובלים מהוירוס


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