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Sukkah walls

We have a irregularly shaped pergola/sukkah on our patio that opens right up to a small garden.
The longest wall is the wall of the house – 5.5 meters. There are then two perpendicular walls, at right angles to the house, each one 1.7 meters (to the point of posts in the ground). However, the “fourth” wall consists of three sections – with posts in between. There is a 2.0 meter opening directly opposite the wall of the house, and two diagonal openings of 2.4 meters and 2.1 meters respectively, that connect the side walls of 1.7 meters with the opening of 2.0 meters.

The 1.7 meter “side” walls are enclosed with sukkah boards, and 1.5 meters of the 2.4 meter diagonal opening is enclosed with a sukkah board. The reset of the 2.4 meter diagonal opening, the 2.0 meter (parallel to the house opening) and the 2.1 meter opening have curtains which we close at night, but open during the day. Do I need to close more of the 2.4 meter diagonal opening with boards (or with straps to a height of 10 tefachim)? Do I need to close all or part of the 2.1 meter diagonal opening with boards (or with straps to a height of 10 tefachim)?

I will try to paste a diagram/schematic of the sukkah here, but if that doesn’t work, is there a fax number to which I can send the diagram and this sheila?

A gmar chasima tova – a gut, gebencht yor,


It sounds like you have 3 kosher walls all attached to each other, shaped like this [ and that they have a shiur of a kosher sukka. If this is the case the fourth wall may have any openings in any places, as the fourth wall is not crucial for the kashrus of the sukka.

If further clarification is necessary, you can send a diagram or picture. If you can’t attach one here it could be sent to

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