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Cutting through photographs


My wife has a hakpodoh not cut through photos of people. I searched but could not find any mekoir for this. Is this a genuine hakpodoh or a minhag beto`us and should it be continued or not?
The Rovs opinion and insight would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks


There is no early source for this practice. However there are different approaches to the concept of “ayin hara”, some disregard all bad “omens” as silly superstitions not to be heeded [other than what is explicit in Chazal]. Others have a tradition to be more wary even for things that have little to no known sources. The fact that some women are worried about it is sufficient for them to take it seriously and avoid [as long as it is not in conflict with halacha]. Both seem to be valid approaches within the framework of Torah.


See Teshuvos Beer Moshe Volume 8 Siman 36.

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