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Kedusha of Ezras Nashim

I learn in a Yeshiva where there is a large Beis medrash, with 2 floors. The second floor is in the same room, and it is like a balcony. Both floors are used the whole week for learning, davening, and shiurim to the whole yeshiva.
On shabbosos, for davening, the second floor turns into a women’s section.
One Rabbi said that because of this, the 2nd floor has less kedusha, even the whole week, and for weekday davening one should make an effort to daven on the first floor, which has more kedusha.
Another Rabbi said that it makes no difference, the whole week it is a men’s section, and is a beis medrash, and the women davening there one day a week doesn’t change anything. He added that regardless, when the Beis was built, it was stipulated that it would function as such.
What is the Rov’s view on this issue? Should one come down to the first floor for the davenings during the week? Or does the Rov think that they both have equal level kedushas? Does the Rov assume that a men’s and women’s section in general in a shul have different levels of kedusha?
Yaasher Kochacha

The Ezras Nashim of a shul should ideally be treated with Kedushas Beis Hakneses. It’s kedusha however is of a lower level than that of the shul itself. If the Ezras Nashim is used for learning and minyanim regularly it would have the same kedusha as a regular Beis Medrash.

See Mishnas Yosef, Hilchos Beis Hakneses Siman 19 who brings extensive, detailed sources on this matter.

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