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Sephardim Carrying in Eruv

In general, can a Sephardi carry within an eruv which relies on tzurat hapetach?
Although it’s mentioned in some poskim that it’s best to avoid carrying,
can a doctor going to visit a patient on shabbat rely on the Eruv?

What is the Rav’s view on this?


A properly constructed Eruv which makes use of Tzuras Hapesach may be used by Sefardim and Ashkenazim alike. In an area when there is questionably a Rshus Harabim, there are many opinions as to the permissibility of an eruv which reies on Tzuras Hapesach. While there is indication that the Mechaber [and hence Sefradim] would take a more stringent approach in this regard over Ashkenazim, in fact there are many factors that go into each Eruv. Often there are other factors which allow for use by Sefardim as well, one should consult a local Rav familiar with each particular Eruv.

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