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Zman Krias Shema for Children

In UK, most schools daven shacharis throughout summer months after Sof Zman

Hence, a question regardim siman 70
Do we pasken like RT or Rashi?
I have personally never herad of boys reciting Shma before coming to school.

What is peshat in the universally accepted minhag? (And may be one can ask – why are there no machmirim?)

Additionally, regarding the berochos, why is there no concern of assi lemisrach, as we find in many areas of halochos (Eg the famous pesak of the Maharil Diskin sz`l who holds one should not give a child who cannot eat a kezayis Matzoh any Matzoh as ossi lemisrach to make a berocho on poschos mekeshiur when he grows up similarly we should be concerned that he will say shema and birkas shema after zman when he grows up)

Many thanks for your great service!!
Kol tuv

See the Mishna Brura in Siman 70 who rules that according to the letter of the law we rule like Rashi that a minor is not commanded in Krias Shema because he is generally sleeping at that time. While Shulchan Aruch writes to ideally be stringent for the opinion pf Rabeinu Tam, it would seem Rashi is sufficient to explain the widespread custom to be lenient. In fact it would be praiseworthy to be stringent in this matter, but for this purpose it would be sufficient to have the child say the first Pasuk of Krias Shema to fulfill his Biblical obligation.

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