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Walking Dog on Shabbos

Walking Dog on Shabbos

Is one allowed to walk a dog on shabbos, with a leash? if we go with the opinion that a dog is muktzeh, how can one “steer” a dog on shabbos?

Even if we assume that a pet dog is muktzeh on Shabbos it would still be permissible to attach a leash and take him for a walk. When attaching the leash the dog should not be  intentionally moved or touched. Incidental touching does not pose a problem. Generally a dog will walk on his own and does not need to be pulled along. Even if it needs to be slightly tugged at this would not be moving as this just indicates to the dog to move on his own. See Shulchan Aruch 308:40 that even partial steering and movement of an animal is permissible when it is being done for the sake of the animal, as in the case of walking the dog.

If we accept the opinion of some Poskim that a pet dog is not muktzeh, it would surely be permissible.

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