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Paying in Cash to Avoid Taxes

Paying in Cash to Avoid Taxes

B’kavod HaRav,
Here in galut I sometimes encounter Jewish workers or merchants who tell me that I can pay them in cash (or with a check made out to cash) and then they will not charge me tax. Am I halachically allowed to do that? Would something like this be considered lifnei eiver or m’sayeh li’day avayra?



Dina Dmalchusa, Chilul Hashem, Gezel Akum and other considerations make it obligatory for every Jew to deal honestly in all his business dealings, including with regards to paying taxes. However with regards to making a purchase you would be permitted to do so in cash. There could be many reasons why he would prefer cash and give you a discount because of cash payment. The seller is responsible to what is necessary with whatever income he has.


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