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Swallowed A Fly

Swallowed A Fly

If someone inadvertenly swallows a fly:

1) Is there any teshuva to be done and, if so, what is the derech hateshuva?
2) Al Pi HASHKAFAH, since everything is Hashgocho Protiis, what message can one glean form this? Is there any concern that there was a pre-existing pgam in the person’s neshama that allowed this to happen? Where should one begin to be mefashfaysh b’ma’asav?

Thank you.

No teshuvah is necessary as he had no intent to eat it at all and it was a complete Ones [unavoidable unintentional act]. See Shulchan Aruch and Rama Y:D 185:4  and the commentaries regarding one who inadvertently violated the laws of Niddah. The Chasam Sofer comments there that even when they were totally not at fault one should engage in some form of teshuva. There it is a more severe transgression and they had enjoyment from it, so there is no exact comparison. Nevertheless if one is bothered by what happened he could add some form of zehirus to avoid eating bugs in produce and the like, in the future.


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