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Diabetes Pen – Shabbos

Diabetes Pen – Shabbos

Lekovod Harav Weiss,

my mother has a bad case of diabetes and sometimes forgets to take her insulin. Can she use an insulin pen on Shabbos?
the advantage of this device is that it reminds you to take the insulin as it records each time the insulin is taken. this is a very helpful feature for people who tend to forget to take the insulin every so often.

please advise.

thank you.


If  it is an electronical device which records each time insulin is taken, it should not be used on Shabbos. Some other method of reminder, such as an alarm clock or designated person to remind and keep track should be used. Using electronic devices on Shabbos involves a question of a Biblical violation, and as such would only be permitted when there is no other option and we are dealing with an issue of pikuach nefesh [life threatening]. While diabetes can be life threatening, it would seem there are other options here which may be used that don’t involve Shabbos violation.

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