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I have seen the Rav’s teshuvos about Murex techeiles, and the Rav has not been supportive. In the Mishpacha Magazine over Pesach, the Rav was quoted as permitting someone (if I recall correctly it was one of the Rav’s drivers) who was wearing techeiles to continue to wear it. I was was wondering what the basis of that psak was. Some suggested it is based on “Shavyeh Nafshei”

Thank you for your time.


No, this is not “shavye nafshei. That is a concept which would require someone to perform or refrain from certain acts. There is never an obligation to where Murex, as in the Rav’s opinion it is clearly not the source of Techeiles. He was just conveying that there is no prohibition in wearing even if it is not Techeiles, and hence those who wear because they believe it to be Techeiles are not violating any prohibition.

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