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Har Habayis

Har Habayis

I have heard differing opinions on going up to Har Habayis. Some Rabbis hold that you should go up and make it very clear to the world that this is ours. Is it a problem to go up? Obviously, we must be relying upon the archaeologists who hold that the Kosel Hamaaravi is not part of 500×500 amos of Har Habayis. Can we rely on them? Is it a mitzva, perhaps, to stake our claim as the rightful owners of it. If the Rav could expound on this as he sees fit, I would greatly appreciate it.


Throughout the generations the Gedolei Hador have guided us not to go on to Har Habayis. This is due mainly to concerns of entering a place prohibited when Tamei or a  place forbidden for entry in any event. As you mention the parameters of Har Habayis are unclear. Even what some hold to be clear has been off limits, due to concern that this will cause  many to go to places forbidden to enter.

In addition we have not seen any clear benefit of those going up to Har Habayis, political or other. In fact many argue this has inflamed the situation further.

So we should maintain the long standing tradition of Torah Jewry, and hope that soon we will be able go up the Bais Hamikdash, במהרה בימינו אמן.

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