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Lifnei iver with Yom Tov replacement at work

Lifnei iver with Yom Tov replacement at work

My friend’s wife had the following dilemma this past shavuos.
She obviously couldn’t be in the office over yomtov so she set up an automatic response on her email that I’ll be out of the office, please contact Jackie.
The problem is that Jackie is Jewish (non observant).

Is this a problem of lifnei iver?


This situation should certainly be avoided – a different non Jewish replacement should be found to answer calls.

However there is room to argue that no “lifnei iver” is violated in such a situation. In this situation, “Jackie” is non observant and hence spending the day violating Yom Tov in any event, with work related matters and other things. In such an instance many hold there is no prohibition of Lifnei Iver, to increase additional prohibitions to those being done anyway. In such a case there may be no prohibition of “mesayeya” – aiding one to perform a prohibition, as he is not religious and constantly performing transgressions in any event.


See Ritva, Avodah Zara 6b that when one is anyway performing a prohibition there is no lifnei iver. See Shu”t Minchas Asher, Volume 2:30:2 for a lengthy discussion as to the parameters of the Ritva’s position, and its practical application.

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