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Follow up on Techeiles Question

Follow up on Techeiles Question

The article said that the person was told he “should” continue to wear techeiles. Based on what you replied, is the word “should” supposed to be more like “could”?
Also, I read an article which says:

” If Someone is convinced that Murex is the correct source of techeiles, should he wear this dye on his tzitzis? Although both Rav Chaim Kanievsky and Rav Asher Weiss contend that one has absolutely no obligation to wear techeiles that comes from Murex, there is reason to believe that both rabbanim have advised those who believe Murex is the true source of techeiles to wear it on their garments. I would assume that this would be dependent on their understanding of the halachic rule shavyei anafshei (subjective establishment of prohibitions) although I would not want to speak for them.”

Does this misrepresent the Rav’s position?

Thank you for clarifying this to me.


Yes, it is somewhat misleading, as the author writes he does not know their opinion and his words are somewhat conjecture. Rav Weiss holds one could wear murex dye on their tzitzis, but not that they should.

Obviously someone who feels it is techeiles, is also of the opinion that he should wear it. This simple point is sometimes misconstrued to portray these Rabbanim and others as agreeing there is a possibility Murex is the source of techeiles, when their opinion is that it is clearly not techeiles. Rav Kanievsky is one of the most outspoken critics of Murex, when asked he said something to the effect of – using horse blood would be the same. When further pressed he said if you believe it you should/could wear it…

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  • Abba

    Not sure how Rav kanievsky could say such a thing when the evidence is so compelling. Instead of quoting a על פי השמועה perhaps it wiould be more approprriare to actually bring מראה מקומות to refute the overwhelming evidence that this is indeed techelet. Interestingly, about six months ago Rav Yisroel Ariel of the Temple Institute was asked to send overy techelet to Rav Kanievsky which he did. Rav Kanievsky then requested to see the stones of the choshen. Rav Ariel agreed on condition he be allowed to speak with Rav Kanievsky. His askonim refused. The stones were never sent.

    • Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz

      See Shu”t MInchas Asher VOlume 2, 2-5, for an extensive discussion as to why the murex does not fulfill the criteria for Techeiles and does not even qualify as a safek tcheiles.


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