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Accepting Shabbat with Community

Accepting Shabbat with Community

Shalom Rabbi!
Here in St. Petersburg during the summer the day is very long. We have two minyanim in the city: a big one (big chabad shul) and our a small one.
The big shul accepts shabbat early and we accept later.
The question is when we have no minyan on shabbat are we obliged to accept shabbat as big shul or we can accept it as usual. Can we accept later than usual?
What about members of the community those who stayed at home?


If you are praying with the big shul, then you will certainly accept Shabbat along with them.

If you are not praying at the big shul and yet have no minyan of your own that one week, you would not be forced to accept Shabbat with them. This is assuming you have your own kehila [congregation] which you generally daven in on Shabbat, at the later time. If on Shabbat you generally daven with the big shul, you would need to accept Shabbat with them.

For those at home, as long as there are two communities which accept at different times he would accept Shabbat along with the community he belongs to. If he switches off between the two, he would not be obligated to either one and could accept at the time of either one.

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