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Preventing Chilul Shabbat

Preventing Chilul Shabbat

Hello Rav, I have a question my father needs to fly to Israel to take care of urgent business and he needs to be in Israel by Sunday. He asked me to book a ticket for him for Saturday and the cheapest flight is 480 dollars but is leaving 1130 am. My father is not observant and he asked to book that ticket for him. I told him I can’t and I convinced him to fly on the elal flight leaving Saturday night that is 890 dollars. I told him that I would give him the 410 dollars for the 480 that he would be paying anyway. My question is am I chayev in paying the 410 dollars so that my father will not be mechalel shabbat?

Thank you

You are not obligated to pay the extra money, as long as you are not booking the flight for him. At the same time if this within your means and not a financial strain, it would be commendable. This would demonstrate to your father how precious Shabbat is to you and would be a kiddush Hashem. In this way you may bring your father closer to Shemirat Shabbat.

See Rama Y:D 334:48, Pischei Teshuva 157:5

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