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School Notes Requiring Geniza

School Notes Requiring Geniza

Now that the Bais Yaakov and seminary year is over, can the Rov give specific guidelines as to how do determine if a page of notes requires geniza or not? Is it only pesukim or partial pesukim (3 words?) or is it any page of notes containing divrei torah? And if something does not require actual geniza, does it have to be wrapped or double-wrapped before disposal? And so on…


Notebooks with Divrei Torah or notes from a Torah class do require geniza. This is true even if there is no complete or even partial pasuk quoted. The Divrei Torah of the words of the Gemara, Medrash and Chazal and their explanations are divrei Torah which require geniza.

Exceptions to this would be short handed notes in the form of only sources and references that has no meaning on its own. Also, writing of secular nature which has some quote of Chazal just for linguistics would not require geniza.

Sources: See Mishna Brura 334:12:31, Shulchan Aruch Y:D 284:2

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