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Customs of Rosh Chodesh

Customs of Rosh Chodesh

1. My wife gave my 5 yr old a hair cut last night Motzel Shabbos, the second night of Rosh Chodesh. She’s been trying to have him get one for a while now and he finally acquiesced last night.
I realized that perhaps it should not have been done Rosh Chodesh (besides for being Motzei Shabbos). How bad is that and is there anything to be concerned about?

2. This idea of not doing laundry on Rosh Chodesh where my wife puts everything in the washing machine etc, and does everything except push the on button I find puzzling. I know there are poskim that say such a thing but it seems odd to me. What is the Rov’s view on the matter?

1 Haircuts are permissible on Rosh Chodesh, unless you have a specific family custom not to take haircuts on Rosh Chodesh.

2 A woman can be lenient to do laundry in a washing machine, as the minhag of refraining from certain melachos only includes those that involve significant effort such as sewing and weaving. Pressing a button on the washing machine would not be included. This was the opinion of Rav S. Z. Auerbach and many other poskim.

Since Rosh Chodesh is intended to be treated differently than other days and many women do not do sewing regularly, some have the custom to make some form of change in the laundry, such as having the husband press the button to turn on the washing machine.

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