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Bracha of Meshane Haberios

Bracha of Meshane Haberios

What is the Rovs opinion with regards to the Berocho of Meshane Haberios generally and more specifically regarding animals –
a. Does one say it only on Elephants and Monkeys or other exotix / wild creations, too?
b. Can one still say it nowadays or perhaps since we see more commonly pictures of animals may be the excitement is not as great and therefore one should avoid saying the Berocho?

Many thanks!

With regards to animals, being that we are exposed to many animals and creatures, the excitement is diminished. Nevertheless, one who sees an animal which does bring excitement may recite this bracha. The Mishna Brura [225] rules that one should only make this bracha on the first viewing in his life, after that without Shem Hashem. The Aruch Hashulchan and others rule like the Ramam that after 30 days one can make the full bracha again.

With regards to midgets and people with other mis-formations, the Rav is of the opinion that the bracha of Meshane Habrios should not be made in our times.

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