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Hisbodedus, Transplants

I learn in a kollel and with the community at night. I am 30 years old and recently have been learning chasidus and find I have an inclination towards this. I thought about taking time each day for hisbodedus or at least when I walk to an back from the kollel. Until now I have been reciting Mishnayos I had memorized. Would this be the correct thing to do – to take off learning for hisbodedus. (I learn Mussar 20-30 min each day besides this)

I give medical talks here in the Kollel and recently saw that they were going to be doing a head transplant this year dec. what status would the person have if the transplant was successful?

Thank you very much

Hisbodedus is a form of Musar and Avodas Hashem, as such one who takes time for such activity would not be bitul Torah. If one has an inclination to this, and it brings his Avodas Hashem to a higher level it would be permitted, in moderation, when it does not diminish greatly from his learning.

I hope we still have a few more years [or more] until we have to deal with the practical aspects of head transplants…

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