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Question on behalf of patient with OCD


לכבוד הרב

I am a psychologist and have a patient with OCD. He is a Yeshiva Bochur and reports frequently (many times a day) experiencing physical sensations which he interprets as meaning he may not have a גוף נקי e.g. he thinks the sensation may mean he passed wind and this may have led to him not having a גוף נקי. If he thinks he may not have a גוף נקי he is concerned that he shouldn’t be learning. As far as I’m aware he has no stomach problems and is physically healthy.

Please can the רב give a פסק for this patient as to whether he has to be חושש for these sensations.

With much thanks to the רב


It is unnecessary and incorrect to be concerned with such sensations. Passing wind is not cause for concern that his body remains unclean.

See Shu”t Minchas Asher 2:134 for an extensive discussion on OCD and various healing methods in light of halachic concerns.

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