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Mezuza in Unused Room

Mezuza in Unused Room

Reuven moves into a home and chooses not to use one or two of the rooms yet for another month or so. Would he be required to put mezuzas up in those rooms immediately or can he wait until he uses them?


A room does not become obligated in mezuzah until it is being used in some capacity. Being part of a house is itself not enough of a reason to obligate a mezuzah. However this would only exempt if it is not being used at all, meaning never entered into for any purpose, and no furniture or storage at all placed inside. If it is used in any such capacity it would be obligated in mezuzah.

Once one enters and uses the room even once, it becomes obligated forever and only exempt by dismantling the doorway or moving out of the house. Hence, this exemption will generally not be practical.

See Magen Avraham Siman 19 s”k 1, Shulchan Aruch Y:D 286, 17-18, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 289:19


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