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Bone marrow/stem cell donation

Bone marrow/stem cell donation

I was put on a the Gift of Life Registry (several years pack thinking it was for a yungerman) and now I just got a call that there is a 30%chance I may be a match. At this point it is too early on in the process to know if I will really be a match – there would be months more of further testing, and now they want to know if I still want to be on the registry.
When I asked if it was for someone Jewish or Frum they said at this point they do not know any info about the donor. There is a high chance that jews will be compatible to other jews but it is unknown.
If after all the testing, I am compatible, there is an 80% chance it will be stem cell donation and 20%chance of bone marrow donation. For both tests, 5 days prior I will have to take Neupogen, a daily injection to increase my blood which for 85% of patients cause lethargy and weakness.
Following that, stem cell donation – consists of a needle in both arms for 4-8 hours to separate stem cells from my blood, and bone marrow donation – consists of a needle in my hip bone under general anesthesia. Following a bone marrow donation I would not be able to lift things and have weakness for 2-3 weeks.
Traveling will likely be required.

Furthermore,I am a magid shiur in a Yeshiva where substitutes are not necessarily available.Given the above factors, would it be permitted to remove my name at this stage.


Yes, it would be permitted to remove your name from this registry. While giving bone marrow and stem cells is a great mitzvah, it is not an actual obligation in any case. As such you were not obligated to get on to the registry in the first place and may remove yourself at any point. Considering the unknowns that you mention along with your professional responsibilities it is certainly reasonable to remove yourself at this point.

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