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pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan

pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan

A gut voch. We received a gift of a pre-seasoned cast iron frying pan from Lodge Manufacturing in the US ( Below is what they wrote me about their “seasoning” process. Can we use it as-is? Run it through a self-cleaning oven? Libum gamur with a blow torch?
A kesiva v’chasima tova.

Thank you for reaching out to us about the oil that Lodge uses for seasoning. The oil is a kosher certified soy vegetable oil that is applied and baked onto the cookware. Although the oil is kosher, Lodge’s process of applying it and our cookware is not certified Kosher.

Here is a link to the kosher certification on our supplier’s website.


The equipment used in the seasoning process is solely for seasoning the cookware with this particular oil. No other materials are used in the seasoning chamber or oven. I am afraid I do not have information available on how the oil is transported.

Again, I would like to note that Lodge does not offer any certification that our process of apply the seasoning to cast iron is kosher. We simply mist and bake it onto the cookware.


This question has been asked by many people in recent months. There is somewhat of a dispute as to whether the pot requires libun [self cleaning oven would be fine] or if even hagala would be sufficient.

This is assuming the oil is non kosher or at least we have to be suspect it is. We are researching the matter further, but it seems that their declaration and commitment to kosher oil, in writing, would probably be sufficient to assume the oil is kosher.

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