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Fasts before Bar Mitzvah

Fasts before Bar Mitzvah

There is a minhag to fast 3 fast before one`s bar mitzvoh.
I have a difficulty locating a mekor for this and on the contrary, R Shloime Zalman (Halichos Shloime) holds this is no valid minhag and so does R Y Y Fisher sz`l.

What is the Rov`s shlit`a opinion on this
a. with a family where they have kept this in previous generation?
b. with a family who has no specific minhag in this?

Many thanks !

There is no binding minhag, as the reason we are lenient is because of concern for the health of the child. Shulchan Aruch 616 rules a child who is 12 should complete the fast of Yom Kippur, the Mishnah Brura and poskim write we do not follow this psak for the above reason.  A child before Bar mitzvah should fast for part of the fast, until he is too weak to continue.

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