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Chol Hamoed, Esrog

Chol Hamoed, Esrog


1. Until what age is a child considered a kotton which one is allowed to wash for during Chol Hamoed? There is little discussion in the Poiskim about this.

2. An Esrog which teh Pittom fell off during Chol Hamed – is this called a Chissaron ha`nikkar which the MB say one should avoid or can one be machshir le`brocho?

3. The brown discolouration which develop n the Esrg – can one rely on the approach of the Chasam Sofer that this is called a “Hiddur” (quted in Maharsha`m)

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1 As you note, there is no set age, rather based on the nature of that child if he soils his clothing on a frequent basis because of his young age, he would be included in this heter.

2 A pitom which completely falls off is a question not only of chaser but also of “hadar” for which we are stringent all 7 days of sukkos, hence the esrog should ideally not be used, see Mishna Brura 449:36.

3 It is brought in the name of the Chazon Ish that the intent of the Chasam Sofer was that this is till a kosher esrog and not a psul of hadar. But not that it is a hiddur mitzvah and preferable, so if another clean esrog is available that would be preferable.

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