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Kesubah, Loans, Pas Kisnin

Kesubah, Loans, Pas Kisnin

1) in a case where a woman tells her husband after they have been married that she had been מזנה before they got married if the husband is מוחל is a new kesubah need to be written.

2) in case where someone is תובה ממון as a שמה and there is no חיוב בב”ד but there is a חיוב בידי שמים is there an inyan for the מלוה to be מוחל.

3) acc. to second shitah brought in the mishanh berurah in hilchos פת הבא בכיתנין that there שיעור for קביעות סעודה is what the world eats as a normal meal. how is this calculated. do we look at each food (for example if eating pizza its 2 slices and for kinishes its 5 knishes even though they are difrent volumes) or do we evaluate based on a regular meal?

good shabbos


1  If he is mochel a new kesubah does not need to be written, see Shu”t Minchas Asher Vol. 1 Siman 91

2 As long as he may get repaid because of the חיוב בידי שמים he certainly does not need to be mochel, if it is clear that he will not be repaid it would be midas chasidus to be mochel.

3 It is based on each food, what is the דרך קביעות for that food. See Shu”t Minchas Asher Vol. 2 Siman 23 Chapter 1, and the various sources quoted there.

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