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Hospice Care

I am a nurse in the Home Health setting. Recently I came in contact with a client who is Jewish and is a survivor. She is 98 years old and is significantly declining in the past couple days. The general protocol is for me to refer such people to hospice care.
However, the family members are not frum and I live in an out of town area were hospice agencies are not familiar with any halacha or such concepts all together. By me making a referral – it is possible that they will do something that is against halacha while on hospice but I am not sure since the doctor from hospice determines things on a case by case basis.
Can I make the hospice referral?


I presume that being at home may put her life in danger as well, without proper around the clock care. So she should be referred to the right medical care. Since you are following protocol and if you pass on this case to the next person she will be sent anyway, and staying home is not an option, it would be permitted to refer her to hospice care.

She should be guided to request treatment in line with halachic end of life care, as much as possible within your professional framework.

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