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Wearing a hat during Tefillah and outdoors

I was wondering if nowadays one is obligated to wear a hat during Tefillah. The Chayei Adam’s reasoning that we dress this way in the street doesn’t seem applicable. However, does the reason of standing before Odom Choshuv with a hat apply if one dresses this way before Gedolim, or is it only before Royalty?
The Shu”t Divrei Yatziv is quoted as saying that one is obligated based on the Shulchan Aruch Siman 90 that one should be “מתעטף”. Is this argument correct?
Furthermore, if one is accustomed to wearing a tie in the on formal occasions, or on Shabbos or at a Wedding, would one then be obligated to dress so for Tefillah? What if that would make one stand out?
Similarly, is there any objective reason, perhaps Al Pi Kaballah, for wearing a hat outdoors or during Tefillah?


Wearing a hat is not a halachic obligation in our day and age. Even in the most respectable places, hats are not commonly worn and as such the lack of a hat is not considered dressing disrespectfully.

Nevertheless, this is certainly a hiddur and kavod for the Tefilla, and has remained the custom of Bnei Torah. If a person is part of a tzibbur that is strict in this regard he should certainly conform, as in such a minyan not wearing a hat may be construed as lack of kavod for tefillah.

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