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food in bathroom, shmone esrei, wind storms etc.

1. Can one bring food into a bathroom?
If not, what about a sucking candy?

Ideally one should not bring food into a bathroom, including sucking a candy. This is due to the question of ruach raah that is in these places. After the fact or in a case of need one may be lenient to consider our bathrooms as clean and free of this concern. 

2. Can one walk passed someone says shemoa esrei is order to kiss the Sefer Torah before laining? Or to go see the letters of the Torah by hagbah?

One who davens a long shmone esrei, into krias HaTorah has no right to place himself in a place where others may need to pass by. In such an instance one may pass by if there is a need. [This is in addition to the fact that often there is some form of mechitza in front of him and often his eyes are closed.] 

However just to kiss the Torah or see the letters would not seem to be sufficient reason to be leninet [as opposed to a Kohen washing his hands, or one needing the bathroom]. 

3. Do we say Brachos on very strong winds nowadays?

If it is a wind which is totally out of the ordinary, like a hurricane or tornado, which brings a person to great amazement, the bracha may be recited. For a common or even strong thunderstorm it should not be recited. 

4. Can one daven b’yichidus if he wants to go to a shiur and it’s the only way for him to be able to get there?

If this is a one time or uncommon occurrence it may be done. However one should not plan his schedule that this happens on a steady basis. 

5. If a person needs to leave mussaf early on Rosh Chodesh and he needs to start shemoa esrei before the tzibbur should he go to a different room or can he daven there?

He may daven mussaf in the same room.


Thank you. Citing sources is best if possible. Toda raba

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