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Adding to Shemona Ezrai


I grew up in a Jewish home in N.Y. following tradition. Later on I began to study Judaism. I have five married children all following Halacha. My mind has opened and I see Zionism in another light. Zionism can be considered Idolatry in the way it is strictly observed without connecting Zionism with World Unity and Faith. I always have thought of myself as a Jew but it is also important to me that I have a root in Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Being children of the greatest Tzaddik in history Adam is important to the whole world. If you believe in evolution, you don’t believe in the Torah which begins with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Halacha: I want to add the posukim from Isaiah in the last blessing for peace of Shemona Ezrai, “the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God like waters cover the sea.” “Peace Peace far and near……”
Is this permitted?
Can I add a Posuk before the first blessing Chochma Binah Daat, the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God……….” Blessed HaShem who gives knowledge. The problem here is that Judaism is only teaching the knowledge of Torah. There is also according to the Zohar the upper knowledge as well.
We have been given permission to be Jews by HaShem and to exclude ourselves from the other nations but not to forget our father Adam who lived before the sin.

One should not add his own pesukim in the brachos of Shmone Esrei. One may add prayers in the final “elokai netzor” section of Shmone Esrei. In each brach one may add supplication which is in the topic of that bracha, but not just pesukim.

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