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sefirat haomer customs

Dear Rabbi! In our city like in most cities here in Russia we have a big Chabad community and small our Lituanian one. Which custom of mourning we have to accept at sefirat haomer period: a custom of Arizal or Rama? And if Rama’s – which of them? Our Rabbi live in Eretz Israel and have Israeli custom. What about music listening?


Your community is not bound by the practice of the other [Chabad] community. Hence if you are Ashkenazim you can keep either of the customs brought by the Rama. According to many poskim the 2 customs of the Rama are in fact considered the same custom, and hence different people in the same community  can keep the two variations.

Listening to music would go along with the days you are keeping minahgei sefirah. According to some opinions recorded music being played on a stereo which is not to bring to dancing, is permitted during Sefirah.

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