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Awaking Before Davening

The Mishnah Berurah in Siman Alef, seif katan (ט) quotes as follows:

יהיה זהיר מאד לקום שעה ולפחות חצי שעה קדם קריאת השמש לבית הכנםת

As a matter of practical halacha, what is the time a person needs to be awake before the minyan in order to fulfill this משני ברורה?

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The point of this halacha is to have ample time to prepare one’s self for davening with a minyan. So it would depend how long it takes him to get himself ready, use the washroom etc. and even how long he needs to travel to shul. This varies from person to person, however long one needs so that he can arrive on time without being in a rushed, harried state of mind.

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