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Bracha on Cut Bagel

i order bagels every seudah shilishis and i always first make the bagel before washing, (we do it very casually, especially during summer shabboses) is this allowed? or do i have to first make the bracha on the whole bagel before slicing into it (usually to the point where it completely detaches top from bottom)?


With regards to Lechem Mishna for Seuda Shlishis a complete and whole loaf/bread/challah is required, so a bagel cut in half would not be sufficient. In general, even during the week there is a preference to make the bracha of Hamotzi on a whole bread and not cut up. However in this regard it would seem that since this is the preferred and ideal way to eat the bagel, this may be preferable than taking a bite and then making the sandwich. This matter still requires further investigation to arrive at a conclusive ruling.

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