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Shabbos – Schita

Is one permitted to use a squeegee mop on Shabbos with a towel around the bottom if he uses only minimal water and places it on the floor first. May on rely on the fact that the mop has a handle and since the is water placed on the floor first it is not different then wiping a spill with a large towel that can absorb all of the liquid (and certainly if only minimal liquid is used ) ?


While a spill may cleaned up with a towel, using a squeegee mop with towel would not be permitted. A person’s intent with the mop is to use the water and towel together to clean the floor, which includes extracting water from the towel on to the floor in the cleaning process.

In addition mopping the floor in any way, even without any sechita problem is Rabbinically prohibited [O:C 337]. Spot cleaning a single location or spill would be permissible [but not with the towel].

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