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Taiwan Whisky – Kavalan

Taiwan Whisky – Kavalan

Shalom kvod harav,
I read about taiwanese whisky.Some of them over 2 processes of maturation.
Does it make a difference on the ‘heter’ of Rav A. Weiss (based on Rabi’s Moshe Feinstein Thsuva).
Can you provide me contact with a worlwide whisky specialist ?
Thanks in advance,


Taiwanese [Kavalan] whiskey seems to be  a product similar to Scotch Whiskey, which would mean that without added flavors, sherry casks, or similar additive, many are lenient to consume without official certification. There are a number of kashrus organizations that provide lists of acceptable whiskies, perhaps they can provide you with more specifics.

The sherry casks would seem to have the same status as other sherry cask whiskeys, as long as there is nothing different about this process which requires further investigation.

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  • micha berger

    The sho’el phrases the use of sherry casks as a qulah. However, if we read the Igeros Moshe, he sees the avoidance of use of such whisky/-ey to be a chumerah without basis. He blesses the gentleman in R’ Teitz zt”l’s community for wanting to bring a product that would remove even this cheshash, but it is unclear if Rav Moshe isn’t just trying to close the teshuvah in a way that won’t cost this man his parnasah. Why is the rav being asked to defend something that in my youth was incontrovertibly iqar hadin?

  • ben bryc

    Can you please send me sites or phones of kashrus organizations that provide lists of acceptable whiskies


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