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Sucking candy before davening

Shalom, I was asked by a chazan who finds it exceedingly helpful to suck candies before/during davening to lubricate his mouth. What is the propriety of this in terms of A) Eating before Kiddush/davening B) Eating while davening C) does one need to make a bracha when eating for this purpose? Thank you very much!

As this is for tefilla he is sucking the candy before Shachris or at least before Musaf. In both of these instances he may rely on the fact that he is not yet obligated in kiddush. Although for Musaf this is a matter of debate, since he is only sucking a candy to lubricate his mouth, and it is necessary for the tefilla this would be permitted. The candy should not be eaten during the actual davening, but before to lubricate his mouth.

A bracha would be necessary, assuming it has a good flavor as a normal candy.


See ‘רפט -א,  רמבם שבת כט – י,  עין יצחק אוח יב – יא ,מהרם חלאווה פסחים ק

ראבד שם

רשבא ז-תקכט בשם רז”ה

מאירי פסחים קו

יביע אומר ה – כב

מ”ב סימן פט- כב

מנחת יצחק ח-יח

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