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Taking out garbage on Shabbos

I live in Canada where there are three types of garbage: blue bin, for recycling; green bin, for organic waste (food scraps…); and regular garbage, for disposable utensils and everything else. Many people have dogs as well where I live. With regards to Shabbos am I allowed to take out these garbages if 1) they were filled on Shabbos 2) they were partly filled before Shabbos. I wish to take out the garbage before it begins to overflow.
If I cannot, due to the garbage bag being a bosis, would it help to put something that is not muktzeh in the garbage before moving it?
Is it possible to get clear guidelines to the issue of taking out garbage on Shabbos?

Thank you


If the garbage pails had waste from before Shabbos, they would become a bosis and prohibited to move on Shabbos. If they begin to create a foul odor in the house they may be taken out as a “graf shel rei”. Putting something non muktzeh on Shabbos would not help to remove the bosis status. A non muktzeh item placed in the bin may prevent the bin from becoming a bosis, but the bag with the garbage itself will still be a bosis.

If they are empty coming in to Shabbos, they will generally not become a bosis on Shabbos, as usable items such as empty bottles and packages do not become muktzeh on Shabbos. Edible food items in a place where there are dogs commonly found may also not become muktzeh. In such a case the garbage may be taken out to make place for a new bag, even if there is no foul odor.


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