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taking out garbage on Shabbos follow up question

Thank you very much for your reply to my question regarding the removal of garbage on Shabbos. Is it possible to clarify one point.When I throw out a disposable plate into the garbage and now it becomes disgusting, would the plate still retain its non muktzeh status? What about the edible food which I will not take out to give the dog, (I assume since I do not own one) because it became disgusting in the garbage. would the scraps remain non muktzeh? )
what would be if the scraps stayed overnight and are spoiled since they were out?

Thank you so much

A plate which was thrown out on Shabbos but is still usable if it would be washed off, is a matter of debate as to whether it becomes muktzeh. The same is true with regards to dog edible food scraps in a place where dogs are commonly found [even if you do not own one]. So when the garbage contains empty bottles and plates etc. we can assume this does not make it a bosis.

Spoiled food which is unfit for even dogs becomes muktzah.


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