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L’Kavod HaRav Shlita,

I recently listened to your shiur about rodeph in parshas Pinchas. It occured to me that your comparison between the gemorra about the donkey being thrown off the boat to save the merchandise and an unborn fetus would imply a surprising leniency. That is to say, if a pregnant women felt her financial or social situation was being threatened by the uber, she might be able to have an abortion for this reason. Thank You for your time.


An abortion has the additional stringency because of the concept of חלל עליו שבות אחד כדי שישמרו שבתות הרבה, we find the Torah justified desecrating Shabbos to save it, and from this we learn there is a Biblical prohibition against aborting it. So to justify an abortion would only be in extreme cases of danger to mother and other extreme circumstances.

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