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Dogs – follow-up question


Thank you for your prompt response to my question regarding owning pet dogs (// You wrote that “there is certainly no prohibition in owning a pet dog.” Seeing as almost all dogs can bark quite loudly, why is there no prohibition because of the concern of the barking causing a miscarriage?
(עיין ים של שלמה פרק מרובה סימן מ”ה דסתם כלב מנבח ואסור. ולא הבנתי דהא לפי דבריו איך התירו כלב כופריי, כמבואר שם פ. והא גם כלבים קטנים יכולים לנבח בקול גדול)
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If a person’s dog barks in a way that could be damaging he must be careful to see that he does what he can to keep it away from such a situation. If the dog is out of control biting or narking or other, it may be necessary to be rid of it. But the fact that it could potentially cause damage would not mean a blanket prohibition to own a dog. The first few chapters of Bava Kamma deal with the issue of a person’s responsibility to stop his animal from causing damage. This he must do, but at the same time may keep such an animal.

The Yam shel Shlomo prohibits only a “כלב רע” which refers to a dog which can not be controlled from barking or other damages, which a person may not keep at home.

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