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L’Kavod HaRav,
My wife and I have been struggling with the issue of vaccinating our newborn. I saw in a previous question that the Rav poskened that there is an obligation to do so. While all of the mainstream medical organizations recommend vaccinations, it does seem that there is at least a minority opinion cautioning certain aspects, with an extreme opinion saying not to vaccinate at all.

This has led us to struggle with a few issues: Is it an obligation to follow the schedule of vaccinations made by the CDC (in the USA) or the Misrad HaBriut (in Israel)? Is every vaccine suggested by these organizations obligatory halachicly? If not, how can it be determined which ones are required halachicly? If we wish to follow an alternative schedule which delays vaccinations over time or only gives the “major” vaccinations is that also halachicly acceptable?

Thanks to the Rav for taking time in answering this issue for us.


If your lifestyle and approach lead you to want to avoid certain scheduling and “minor” vaccinations, there would be room for flexibility. Perhaps a vaccine which is for a less serious disease or is less common than others may be a reason to delay or in some cases avoid. You should be in contact with a doctor [mainstream] and perhaps your Rav as to which would fall under this category.

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