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Pictures in Siddurim

In shulchan aruch siman 90 seif 23 the remo says that one should not print Pictures in siddurim
This is undisputed and MB together with all acharaonim dont question this
I have noticed however that many publications seem to be lenient in this matter
For instance Children siddurim have often many pictures on its pages as well as Benchers and more.
Even adults siddurim a times have pictures, such as many older machzorim which have the 12 mazolos on the tefilas hageshem
I wonder how we can understand this and if one should avoid using these?
Many thanks


The Rama refers to the tefilla of Shmone Esrei, where there is more of a concern not be distracted. The Machatzis Hashekel [s”k 37] seems to extend this to other areas of tefilla as well, but it seems there was a custom to be lenient in this regard.

The Taz [YD 141:13] makes note of the constellations by tefillas geshem in the siddur and says this is not a correct practice. The Shach [nekudas hakesef ibid.] argues that this is permissible as these drawings are to understand the inyan.

Ideally pictures should be avoided in a siddur, especially today that the standard siddurim have no pictures and would cause distraction. In children’s siddurim where the pictures are to draw them to the tefilla and the pictures relate to the tefilla one could rely on the common custom, to have some pictures.

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