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Chinuch for Tefilloh

Yilmedenu Rabbeinu,

We would like to know the Rov`s opinion on the following important matter:

I was wondering what the mitzvas Chinuch is for Tefilloh for boys who are higiu leChinuch.
On the one hand, we obviously must be mechanech them Tefilloh and this is certainly part of our general obligation. On the other hand, we find that it is “time consuming” and on the cost of the learning. If we were to daven the whole davening, there would be no time for learning! We therefore capped the davening to a certain amount of time but it turns out that there is only limited time for tefilloh
1. How much time is appropriate for davening in Primary schools (3 yrs old till 10yrs old)
2. Is the order the same than the halochos if one has to be medaleg due to lateness?
3. Is it important to sing to daven with geshmack or more important to teach more parts of davening?
4. Is it important to daven loud so we can ensure the make no reading and dikduk mistakes?

Pls note we are referring to a heimishe school in UK

Many thanks for your much anticipated response!


1 – the time for ages 3 until 10 would seem to vary, each grade adding more time as appropriate for their age and additional parts of tefillah being added.

2 – the general guidelines of dilug should be followed to determine importance of which tefillos be said, however there are also age appropriate considerations, such as that very small children will not daven shmone esrei

3- there should be a balance, it is crucial that they have a positive inspiring experience, and at the same time shouldmake it through the parts of tefilla appropriate for their age.

4- part of chinuch for tefilla is certainly to train the to read the words properly, here also we can not overburden children to say everything out loud and slowly, so this too should be done in staes according to age.

[this was the Rav’s response to these questions, he does plan to write a teshuva explaining more, we will keep you informed]

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