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Lawsuit when insurance would be responsible for defendant’s loss.

My elderly father went to a NY rehabilitation center owned by frum yidden to help give him more mobility. He was there for 3 months and was released with Stage 4 bedsores in 3 areas. He needed to be hospitalized for 5 months and still suffers greatly from these sores which have not healed. Doctors have told us that that the rehab center acted with extreme negligence and were the direct cause of these life threatening sores. Suing in a non-jewish court would likely cause the rehab’s centers insurance company to pay a large sum for the injuries that my father has. The insurance company would almost certainly not honor the results of a din torah. Would I be able to sue in a non-jewish court?

Your claim is against the rehab center owned by Jews. You should take your claim against them to Beis Din, if they are guilty they may choose to pay out of pocket or admit guilt and use their insurance. You can not sue them in court without a heter from a competent Beis Din, which will require hearing the details and perhaps holding a Din Torah before issuing such a permit.

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