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mount sinai and hatred

I just read that at Mount Sinai HaShem brought hatred on the world of the other nations worshippers of the stars and idols learned out from the word Sinai which can be read to hate.Is this the purpose of the Jewish people? Will the world ever be changed? If not now when?

The intent of the Sages is to say that when we became the Chosen People at Sinai and received the Torah a certain measure of jealousy was aroused among the nations of the world for this unique status of the Jewish people. Our purpose [or at least one of them] is to be a light to the nations, providing a moral and ethical compass based on the teachings of the Torah. This has and can gradually effect the world at large. The major change will come with the coming of Moshiach, when the truths of the Torah and Hashem will be apparent and clear to all.

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