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Ashkenazi shatz in a sfardi kahal

לכבוד מורינו הרב שליט”א
Minha is organized everyday, even though it is not קבוע, meaning that people just happen to be near the beis knesset and they organize a minyan.
Infortunatly, there is no halachic authority in the beis knesset. However, the majority of the usual kahal is sfardi. I am ashkenazi and I am often asked to be the shaliach tzibur. But when the kdusha starts, the tzibur starts singing the sfardi kdusha.
What should a shatz do in such conditions?
Should I daven nussar sfarad or continue to daven nussar ashkenaz? Is the shaliach tzibur compelled to go according to the majority of the tzibur or is it the other way around?

The shaliach tzibbur should daven in the nusach that is the established custom of that shul. If this minyan is not officially part of that shul, the shaliach tzibbur should daven according to the nusach of the tzibbur that makes up the minyan.

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